Baltic Studios | Custom Wood Creations
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The stories behind everything we create are more interesting than any furniture catalog or assembly manual. And far more personal for our clients. Through collaboration and with deep respect for this precious resource, we bring out the style of reclaimed, salvaged and fresh cut lumber. Just never the same way twice.


Design & Build

It can start with a photograph, a napkin sketch or even a memory. Whatever the case, we can bring your vision to life. In fact, some of our best work happens when clients aren’t exactly sure what they’re looking for. Because that usually leads to better stories and more unique creations.

Restore & Refinish

Starting from scratch isn’t the only way to create something new. Many of our stories are actually about older and sometimes damaged pieces that now turn heads with their modern appeal. From chairs to bookcases to entire kitchen cabinet sets, there’s practically nothing we can’t bring back to its old life, or an entirely new one.